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IYKYK – some of us are just pen people, and if the ink flows smoothly and and doesn’t smudge.  If it feels right in your hand… these little joys can make a shift just a little better.  For me, I’m a lefty so smudgy ink has been a lifelong battle, and I just love a fine point .7mm pen.  Even more, I love it when someone borrows my pen and compliments me on it.    One of my favorite pens to use with the nurse brain-sheet notebook is the Pilot Frixion gel erasable pens.. They come in a multitude of colors and as new lab values come in I can just erase and update the info.  Or even better, if I get the same patient back the next day, I can keep my left side (pt history, diagnosis etc )and erase the right side with my hourly vitals and I’m good to go in half the time.

Usually with erasable pens, the ink isn’t great, or they don’t erase fully, but the Pilot Frixion pens get gold stars on both accounts.  I love them so much that anytime I have a shipping delay or order that doesn’t go 100% as planned, I always throw in a 3 pack as a little apology gift!

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