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Often times when we think of education as nurses, we think of the dreaded mandatory modules that management is constantly putting out. It seems like we do the same annual learning every year and it becomes so monotonous that most of us just click through it as quickly as possible. It meets our work requirements, our licensure requirements and generally speaking.. not much more. Every now and then though.. I’ll see a tiktok or an article that shows my some completely new hack or helps me have a better understanding of something I do on autopilot every day without really truly understanding the reasoning behind. I’ve got tell you, I LIVE for those moments where someone breathes a little fresh energy or understanding into my career. We can get so complacent in the business of our jobs that we miss these moments to keep learning. I’m hoping to share some of those moments here with all of you on this blog. Wether it’s a fresh understanding of when and why we use isotonic fluids vs. hypertonic.. or a cool trick for spiking your fluid bags in a way that never lets your line fill with air. I’m here for all of us learning and growing together.

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