Frequently asked questions

Depending on patient workloads, our books last the average RN 4-6 weeks. 

Q: How long will the book last?

70 pages (1 page per patient)

Q: How many pages are the books?

We cover this more in our educational videos, but in a nutshell, the checkbox assessment area makes for a quick assessment if one has a patient load of 5+ patients, and the blank areas allow for more detail, such as tracking multiple chest tubes and drains. The boxes in the hourly shift planner have room for tracking hourly vitals, I&Os, turns for total care patients, or may be used just to simply note that a patient has medications due at various times throughout the shift.

Q: How does this book work for the range from med-surg - ICU?

Absolutely, our books are available as a single for 19.95, 3 for $45, or 12 for $150 (a $90 savings!) For larger bulk orders please use the contact form and we will put together a custom quote.

Q: Do you offer bulk discounts?

We are happy to create a custom edition branded for your school or facility. Pricing will vary based on quantity, fill out our contact form and we will reach out to get a custom quote for you.

Q: Can you do a custom cover for our school or hospital?

We find that it takes most nurses 3-5 shifts of consistently using the notebook to feel like it is a seamless part of their workflow.

Q: How long will it take me to get used to using a new tool? I print off different report sheets all the time and never stick with anything.

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