As an RN who struggled with losing loose pieces of paper, keeping up with the constant stream of ever changing data, and feeling like I couldn't answer any question that arose during a report, I created this notebook to help nurses take control of their shift.

Nurse Brain Sheets allow the busy nurse to very efficiently look at a vast amount of data points and paint a clear picture for themself and anyone they need to communicate with about the health of each patient.

We Are

meet the founder

Mary Phillips, RN

A Shift Organizer Designed by Nurses,










Our organizers were created with the input of both brand new nurses and nurses who had been at the bedside for more than 20 years.

 We used it and revised it countless times to create a product that was flexible enough to use anywhere from a med surg floor to the ICU.

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We believe in taking great care of every patient, and shifts that feel out of control don’t allow us to provide that level of care. We want nurses to know that by taking the time to get used to a new tool, they can save time and errors moving forward. Consistency breeds excellence and our tool helps facilitate consistency.


"Finally! Someone came up with an improvement on the photocopied, crumpled wad of paper I’m always fishing for in my pocket. Thank you so much!"

- Erin, MedSurg Nurse

Thank you!

"I’m one of those people who is always buying organizational tools, but this is the first one I’ve really stuck with and used consistently. Thank you for making such a great tool."

- Liz, MedSurg Nurse


"I tell everyone about these books! They’re phenomenal!"

- Rachel, Pediatric Nurse